Thanks to all the pullers that came to the Earling pull. We helped them celebrate another year with their Parish Picnic. Thanks to Tim Kenkel and the rest of of the committee for having us. The track was decent from what they started with. The track can only get better for the future. Hopefully this can continue in Earling.

Father Chris gave some kind words and prayer for Nadine Kenkel and Alan Schwertley at intermission who are both battling cancer. Alan is a long time puller and supporter of our tractor pulling group. Alan has taken several pictures the last few years that several of us miss now. Please keep Nadine and Alan in your thoughts and prayers.

The next pull up is this Wednesday night at Westfair in Council Bluffs. All classes are welcome and this is considered a points pull. Also please remember that there is mini-rods pulling so please remember ear plugs at least for the kids. It might be kinda loud. The mini-rods will have their own sled. Pull starts at 7:00 pm. Sign up will be 5:30 - 6:30.

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