Voting Results
Hello Everyone,
Thank you, everyone that attended our Voting Meeting! We received Voting Ballots from around of our adult members. Very good job, it shows you care!

Our Elected 2015 Directors/Officers are:
Bull, Jamey (Director)
Bull, Jeff (Vice President)
Fitzpatrick, Joe (Director)
Hember, Zach (Director)
Holliday - Lakas, Wendy (Director)
Isom, Jeff (President)
Isom, Shawn (Secretary)
Knickman, Jason (Treasurer)
Koski, Matt (Director)
Smith, David (Director)

Our appointed Tech Officials are:
Beaman, Mike
Hember, Zach
Kudlacek, Kevin
Lisiecki, Ty

New Classes Approved by Directors:
Pro-Lite (Former Missouri Super Stock)
Stock Diesel
Limited Pro Stock Diesel
5000 Governor V-Twin
**25Hp Stock Clutch

**Note to members who were not present. On the voting ballot we had a class change vote for 17-25Hp Stock Clutch be changed back to 17-20Hp. There were member concerns about the 25Hp stock motors not having a stock class to enter into. Although we have added the 5000 Governor V-Twin Class, members wanted a stock class to pull in. Resolution was made that if the class changed back to 17-20Hp, we would also add 25Hp Stock Clutch class. Results: The class changed back to 17-20Hp Stock Clutch, and adding 25Hp Stock Clutch class.

Sport Stock Single Class was removed.

The Voting Results can be seen here: WIGTP 2015 Members Voting Ballot Final Results.pdf

The Proposed Rules passed, I will be adding the Classes and Voting results soon, for our Formal 2015 rules. As soon as I get them finalized, they will be posted on our web page and available at our events.

Thank You All,
Jeff Isom

Meeting Dates
Bylaws Meeting #1 Sunday, January 25 at 1 p.m. In Dunlap at the closed Dairy Sweet.
Bylaws Meeting #2 Sunday, February 22 at 1 p.m. in Dunlap at the closed Dairy Sweet.
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