Hello WIGTP Pullers, Is spring fever setting in yet? Our WIGTP 2015 Rules are complete with all of the voting items updated. If you haven't looked at them yet, everyone at our WIGTP Rules meetings really did a good job. Thank you All that attended. P.S. Its only 10 pages now… Also attached are our Voting Results.
        Our last Bylaws meeting went very well and we got a lot completed. The directors decided to remove the last meeting from the schedule, completions will be handled over email. Here is a list of a few things the directors are working on.

All Directors have been in discussion about the possibility of purchasing the distance sign from Zach Kerber. When Zach operated his sled he had a large display sign reading out the distance as we pulled. I think everyone remembers the sign and really liked it. All directors cheerfully approved purchase of the distance sign. With all budget allocations for this year's expenses, WIGTP still has enough funds to purchase the distance sign. Jason Knickman was approved and tasked to purchase sign and look into a cost for a road case for the sign. This spring I will contact Chuck and Rob to install the encoder and PLC head on their sled to operate the sign.

Jamey Bull - Finalizing our non-profit filing with the State of Iowa and contacting our insurance agent for summer coverage.

Shawn Isom - Directors "Code of Conduct". This document will describe the responsibilities and procedures the directors are to follow. Communication, Trust, and Fairness guide lines will all be included. When completed I (Jeff Isom) will ask every director to sign and uphold.

Jeff Isom - WIGTP Assets with model/serial numbers, all items that WIGTP owns like the scale, PA system, etc. It will also list borrowed items or items on loan that WIGTP uses but does not own, like the tools and fire extinguishers Tom and Alan Schwertly have provided. These items will remain the property of Tom and Alan's. I will complete this list and have it available to any member to check over.
        Scale - The existing cables and connectors for the scale were getting pretty beat up. The directors approved a small amount of funds for parts to re-wire the scale. I have some Military Spec. connectors I will donate and have also ordered all the other misc parts to complete. All re-wiring, cables, spare cables, and a road box for the scale head and cables will be complete before we pull this spring.

Jason Knickman - In our current WIGTP rules we removed an area called Sponsor rules. This area was for our event hosts like a church or volunteer fire department that would like to host a WIGTP event. These were really not rules but guide lines that informed the host of the things we need, like a pulling track, restrooms, etc. We wanted to place a separate document on our web site that our hosts could look at. With Jason being our event scheduler he agreed he would take on this task.

Matt Koski - Out of bounds chalker. Matt found one we could use for free. The directors approved funds for Matt to purchase a couple bags of chalk.

David Smith - The directors were discussing hats, T-shirts, koozies, etc. for possible WIGTP fund raiser items. David has a friend in the business and he is getting back to the directors with some price numbers. We also tasked David with a possible "Logo" or WIGTP branding icon that would be totally WIGTP ownership. These items will be discussed and may be accounted for in next year's budget.

Tech Officials - Ty Lisiecki and Zach Hember are gathering engine specifications to be used if we have an engine protest. Ty has all of the manufactures' engine manuals and will copy the specifications to be kept with Ty and Zach.

The Voting Results can be seen here: WIGTP 2015 Members Voting Ballot Final Results.pdf Thank You All,
Jeff Isom
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